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Praha, Česká republika

This record is not filled by the magazine’s editor.
“This large-format printed medium amalgamates alternatives; exclusivity; art and fringe creativity; tastelessness, blunders and style …” explain its originators. The project of a “magazine that nobody needs” as an exhibition space, with the luxurious design of an auction catalogue under the direction of the photographer and in this case art director This record is not filled by the magazine’s editor. Markéta Othová and a “special” publisher Ivan Mečl juxtaposed portfolios of “new, little known or even unknown artists” with quotations, texts and occasionally complete drama (Muckheap at the Roadside). A feel for the bizarre and the absurd, which has involved until today the non-periodical activities of the Special Publishing House for Art and Culture Divus, pervades each of the three monumental issues which finally gave rise to the equally tuned but more informative Umělec. Ivan Mečl, the key figure in both, poses naked in front of a Škoda 120 on a double page in issue 2. It is also the origin of the quote: “We apologize to professionals”.

Years: 1995 – 1996

Number of issues: 3

Publisher: Ivan Mečl

Editors-in-chief: Ivan Mečl, Markéta Othová

Editors: Ivan Mečl, Markéta Othová, Robert Krumphanzl, Aleš Kuneš, Jakub Němeček, Martin Zet

Art director / design: Ivan Mečl, Markéta Othová

Photos: Pierre Daguin, Marián Vlašič

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