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Olomouc, Česká republika

This record is not filled by the magazine’s editor.
“Suddenly I say: we are going to start a magazine. "But, Jakub, nobody reads, students do not read, they read less and less, it’s horrible, horrible." So I was told by Mrs. Foret from the Studentcentrum. O.K. I am naive, I will not be broken,” starts the first editorial. Students’ playfulness, sometimes tiresome, mostly inventive (addressing the reader in the imprint, straightforward copies, blabbering and intellectual speech vs. freely associated foot notes referring to a work assumed to be related, soundtrack offered for the issue) is transformed on the pages of the Catholic irregularly issued magazine for the “poor small church lamp” by the hand of the art director and publisher Jakub Kovařík into a test of how to treat the medium of the magazine itself. It tests and extends the format by stickers, postcards, jackets, paper types, inserts, space and texts. The talent and quality hide the fact that except for the cutting the magazine is manufactured by the editorial staff manually in a single room, which places the whole enterprise somewhere in the domain of David Copperfield. The content concentrates on literature and poetry (one even finds the text Kitsch and Religious Art), but that also transgresses the boundaries of the region and genre.

Years: 2004 – 2008

Number of issues: 20

Publisher: Jakub Kovařík

Art director / design: Jakub Kovařík

last updated 19/6/10