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Praha, Česká republika

This record is not filled by the magazine’s editor.
Bbarák started as a colour fanzine by David Affro Maryška at a time when the phrase hip hop would be more readily associated with a children’s programme on Czech TV as produced by Studio Brno. Logically, it was a lot about enthusiasm and education – Bbarák generally avoids the machismo of later Czech hip hop and is intent on cultivating the scene rather than confronting it. Instead of exclusivity and comparing the size of one’s penis it values an all-embracing approach and does not avoid the greatest international stars or local enthusiasts. One of its greatest contributions is an early conservation of the jargon of Czech urban culture, the most dynamic and interesting niche in contemporary Czech.

Years: 2001 – yet

Number of issues: 82

Publisher: David Maryško, Bbarak

Editors-in-chief: David Affro Maryško

Editors: Onřej Arrahada Rynda, Radek Babs Maliník, David Dee Greifoner, Filip Lulu Maryško, Jan Jenich Podzimek, Adam Kato Svatoš

Art director / design: Filip Lulu Maryško, Pasta, Kafes, Sleva design,

Photos: Keson, Lootpack

last updated 19/6/10