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Praha, Paříž, Česká republika, Francie

This record is not filled by the magazine’s editor.
The originality of what is, so far, just two issues of Carwash consists of two aspects. The application of the principle of small print-run fashion/art magazines to motoring based on the assumption that there is a sufficiently large group of car enthusiasts who speak English and French and whose taste is tickled more by style, i.e. concepts, milieu, and vintage cars, than horsepower. The other aspect being a combination of a French publisher and generationally related Czech photographers (Jiří Thýn, Martin Chum) under the baton of the French art director living in Prague (Pauline Kerleroux).

Years: 2006 – yet

Number of issues: 2

Publisher: Thomas Gerbeaux

Editors-in-chief: Léon Bennett

Editors: Léon Bennett

Art director / design: Pauline Kerleroux

Photos: Jiří Thýn, Martin Chum

last updated 19/6/10