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Mašurkovské podzemné



Mašurkovské podzemné

Přerov, Troubky nad Bečvou, Česká republika

This record is not filled by the magazine’s editor.
“A magazine on more than just cannabis”, “A magazine from flesh and blood, or rather paper, flour and water”, “A magazine for children over thirty”… “The Stoned Vokno” is a subtitle, which the “Magazine with a new subtitle every time” never had, but which would be appropriate to most of the twenty-six covers. A cult rock samizdat which culled its title from lyrics by the Plastic People of the Universe was produced in the 1980s at the home of Pavel Komínek, a member of the group Stará dobrá ruční práce. However, Mašurky did not see its finest hour until November 1989 – in 1990 they were available for free in a print run of 70 copies and although most of the time they resisted legalization, along the way between several publishers (Artforum Tovačov, Black Point, Votobia, Komínek himself) they reached even 1500 copies. Fanzine unruliness, wit and concentration on local and foreign underground (number 17 is dominated by smoking, extensive translations from the Melody Maker and The Face, Henry Rollins, W.S. Burroughs and by naked men – Vyžvejklá bambule and I.M. Jirous) seamlessly merged into a celebration of the possibilities of using cannabis.

Years: 1984 – 2003

Number of issues: 26

Publisher: Šavel Silvestr, Black Point

Editors-in-chief: Šavel Silvestr

Editors: Lábus, Ondřej Šíma, Lada Basskytarotová

Art director / design: Šavel Silvestr, Jiří Sypouš

Photos: Antonín Tesař

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