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Nový prostor



Nový prostor

Praha, Česká republika

This record is not filled by the magazine’s editor
This, the only Czech street paper, has been typified throughout the time of its publication (originally entitled Patron) by bending the obligatory format of a cultural magazine and emphasizing social issues and unorthodox opinions. Alongside the engagement of acclaimed publicists, artists and academics, the space it provided for the work of socially deprived vendors jelled in one period into experiments with a “parasite” magazine in magazine or homeless TV.

Years: 1999 – yet

Number of issues: 417

Publisher: Představenstvo o. s. Nový Prostor

Editors-in-chief: Tomáš Havlín

Editors: Martina Křížková, Tomáš Havlín, Zuzana Brodilová, Jaroslav Fiala

Art director / design: Kamil Tamášek

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