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Scene Report




Scene Report

Ústí nad Labem, Česká republika

This record is not filled by the magazine’s editor.

The cover of the first issue of a music monthly with roots in samizdat which reached, in terms of significance, beyond the region and genre includes an advertisement for a tour of a forgotten group Razzia and right away its cancellation and added to that is the “To be found in the following issue” section. The post-November ‘89 period – still an analogue one – was brimming with revolutionary solutions and headlong futures which did not always happen. The magazine offered record exchanges or the recording of albums on a cassette, but the exchange of ideas and negotiating periodic positions was even more important – in a single breath it praises the hippies, punk, neue deutsche welle and Orlík and laments that the new-wave hope Sting let himself be infected with left-wing demagogy which led him to “public support of terrorism by organizing concerts in support of the mass murderer and terrorist Mandela“ and in general concerts are scarce and nobody opens new clubs... Shining among profiles of bands mainly from Northern Bohemia, “articles on ecology, vegitarianism” and “politico-economic contributions”, is a translation from German of an interview with Los Angeles punk girls L7 or a series about the English label Under the wings of 4AD.

Years: 1990 – 1994

Number of issues: 48

Publisher: Neznámý

Editors-in-chief: Milan Pištěk

Editors: Tomáš Prchal, Radek Strnad

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