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Ostrava, Praha, Česká republika

This record is not filled by the magazine’s editor.

“The prehistory of grindcore” is the type of text that you would have to find attractive enough to start reading the first issues of the heavy metal Spark. Or translations of song lyrics and the almost unbelievably pure fanzine aesthetics of the initial copies. Today Spark is a magazine for those who like it hard, and it is best characterized by Ivan in the magazine Full Moon 1/2010: “What would you get from a report in Spark, which would shine with colourful syntax next to a review of a new record by Daniel Landa, Škwor or Aleš Brichta, who likes to host the whole National Resistance in the lounge of the Bum Bar? Probably just a belly-ache.”

Years: 1992 – yet

Number of issues: 214

Publisher: One & One Company

Editors-in-chief: Jiří Hrubý

Editors: Karel Balčirák, Lukáš Pavliňák

last updated 24/5/13