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Brno, česká republika

This record is not filled by the magazine’s editor.

A magazine that imposed itself on Brno teenagers in 1994 with the slogan “A monthly for YOU out once a month, i.e. twelve times a year!”, an equally none-demanding photograph of the band Lucie on the cover and something to read about Zdeněk Svěrák. Inside, the Vaňkovka factory photographed by Václav Jirásek was absorbed beyond recognition by the low quality paper (in the Tvor?Ba! section) and Nikki Sudden looked like Bolek Polívka. However, over time this secondary school attempt at another Filip for teenagers by Radio Hády with identical staff (editor-in-chief Marek Zouhar) matured to the well-earned subtitle “alternative cultural review” (with a CD). Articles about “Špilas” gave way to headlines such as “An apologetic for the fornicating neo-Baroque” and the subject matter was sci-fi, new age, David Lynch and Cronenberg, strange sex, natural drugs, Lydia Lunch, Egon Bondy or Tricky – at one point everybody was writing about the same things. Until 2001, Tamto as “Živel from Brno” successfully upheld the intellectual tradition of the underground, but at the same time it was already nourished by hunger for western indie pop, new technologies and a yearning for the new generation’s place of its own. Now, it is back after almost a decade of silence.

Years: 1994 – yet

Number of issues: 12

Publisher: Ami Studio

Editors-in-chief: Marek Zouhar

Editors: Richard Procházka, Tim Murrah

Art director / design: Richard Procházka,

last updated 24/6/10