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Titulní strana druhého čísla


Praha, Česká Republika

Photo magazine about traditional photographic processes.
It is a non-commercial project, which aims to bring readers a valuable reading focusing on classic photography. The term "classic" we understand the manual work in the darkroom, when the photograph is hand made by author.
The journal will therefore be given not only photograph itself, but also the almost-forgotten techniques and equipment. It involves interviews with eminent personalities from branch and present a portfolio of interesting artists, who work just with traditional photographic processes.

Years: 2010 – yet

Number of issues: 2

Publisher: občanské sdružení KLASIKFOTO

Editors-in-chief: Karel Rodinal, Stanislav Bříza

Editors: Petr Voženílek, Stanislav Bříza a další

Art director / design: Jan Baborák

last updated 30/6/10