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Psí víno

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PV52 - ukázka

Psí víno

Praha, Česká republika

Psi vino is a magazine for contemporary poetry. It was founded in Zlin in 1997 by Jaroslav Kovanda. In 2006 Petr Stengl became general editor, so editors office moved to Prague. From number 39 each magazine includes a book. Psi vino is a quarterly.

Years: 1997 – yet

Number of issues: 52

Publisher: o.s. Klub přátel Psího vína

Editors-in-chief: Petr Štengl

Editors: Jan Těsnohlídek ml., Ondřej Buddeus, Ivo Harák, Lukáš Neumann ad.

Art director / design: Madla Bažantová, Viktor Puci

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