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UNI 08/2008


UNI 01/1991 – první číslo časopisu


UNI 02/1995


UNI 06/1996


UNI 11/2003


UNI 05/2006


Praha, Česká republika

Cultural magazine UNI focuses on rock, jazz, ethnic and modern music in relation to other artistic genres. Digging into the environ-ment, uncovering relations, and searching for roots of music as it relates to other areas of human performance are among its aims. Articles on literature, art, multimedia activities, ecology and people appear regularly.
It is published with the intent to provide readers a challenging, non-commercial, easy-on-the-pocket magazine.
UNI cultural magazine is a monthly and has been published since 1991 on a regular basis. It is one of the few non-commercial periodicals established here after 1989 still published today.

Years: 1991 – yet

Number of issues: 204

Publisher: Unijazz, sdružení pro podporu kulturních aktivit

Editors-in-chief: Eduard Svítivý, Jiří Pacek, Ivan Hartman, Vladimír Wagner, Karel Kouba, Ondřej Bezr

last updated 15/10/08