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Prague, Czech Republic

Our aim:
A community produced magazine reflecting the global village proportions of urban areas with a focus on Prague, Berlin and eventually Budapest; supporting creative interaction and community locally and worldwide, blurring the borders of genre and media.
Smudging the borders of nationality and language by translation and/or summary as well as universal imagery. The format is open, with the concentration on Music, Art, Culture, Social and Political commentary, Literature, Film, Photography and all forms of "New Media".

Years: 2005 – yet

Number of issues: 32

Publisher: Instigator Media Group s.r.o.

Editors-in-chief: Chris McMorrow, Stephan Delbos, Milan Gagnon, Martina Cermakova, and more as we are a volunteer and contributor run organization

Editors: Kate Pinto, Peter Holland, Alex Henderson.

Art director / design:

Photos: Jan Prerovsky. Lukas Cetera more...

last updated 29/11/08