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OKOLO magazine

Praha, Česká republika

Fascination. Welcome to a fascinating life full of voluptuous forms, perfect functional solutions and, above all, of honest happiness from one area called ‘design’. Welcome to the world of OKOLO. It is not by chance that we begin by entering into my personal and passionate interest through this door. It probably expresses all the reasons why I am so interested in this area. Notice of the detail and perfect composition of the unit. The door, which was designed by the Italian architect and designer, Ico Parisi, is one of the gems of applied art from the 1950s, the era that I am most excited by. Made for the pharmacy Bracco in 1952, the perfect craftsmanship and abstract approach, applied even to such a common object as a handle, give the door a completely unique character. And it is just these unique and beautifully designed objects that form the stuff of fantasy, the essence of our thoughts, and a necessary part of our cultural sense. Design is an emotional matter, which never leaves one underwhelmed.
I would be very glad if this magazine opens your interest and affects your emotions. The content of the following pages is a personal view on architecture, design, fashion and style. I do not endeavor to present new design trends, rather I present some original creations that are worth seeing. I try to show some of them in a new, contextual light. I search for continuity, permanent tendencies and the truths across the previous century and the contemporary. But above all I admire. So make your entrance through Ico Parisi’s perfect shape-meditation and enjoy this sixty-page journey of thoughts on objects, houses and people.

Years: 2009 – yet

Number of issues: 2

Publisher: OKOLO

Editors-in-chief: Adam Štěch

Art director / design: Matěj Činčera

last updated 24/6/11