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TYPO 37 – autumn.podzim 2009


TYPO 38 – winter.zima 2009


TYPO 36 – summer.léto 2009


TYPO 35 – spring.jaro 2009


TYPO 33 – autumn.podzim 2008


TYPO 32 – summer.léto 2008


TYPO 31 – spring.jaro 2008


Praha, Česká republika

TYPO is a magazine devoted to typography, graphic design and visual communication. It is aimed at professionals as well as beginning typographers, font designers, graphic designers, educators and marketing and visual communication specialists.

It regularly brings information about major events in the world of graphic design, features articles on information graphics, presents the work of young typographers and designers and publishes interviews with important figures in the field. There are reviews of new fonts, and news from important typography conferences. The magazine works with authors and theoreticians from several different countries; so far it has published articles written by Rick Poynor, Jan Middendorp, Peter Biľak, Kevin Larson, Albert-Jan Pool and Adam Twardoch.

As we view typography and graphic design as an inseparable part of culture, we also take a look at areas that apparently are not associated with typography: architecture, urban design, photography, philosophy, sociology, psychology, physiology, politics, religion…

TYPO is open to all your ideas, topics for discussion or direct proposals to collaborate. We hope the magazine will become an open channel of communication for all those interested in the field.

Years: 2003 – yet

Number of issues: 38

Publisher: Vydavatelství Svět tisku

Editors-in-chief: Linda Kudrnovská

Editors: Filip Blažek, Pavel Kočička, Jakub Krč, Pavel Zelenka

Art director / design: Jana Vahalíková

last updated 7/2/10