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Information for the management of the database

To be added to the database the magazine should meet these requirements: 

  • The magazine is or it was available in the CzechRepublic after 1989.
  • There is at least one issue in edition of at least one copy and the magazine exists as a physical object, not just in electronic form.
  • The content of the magazine represents the opinions of the editors.
  • The magazine is not trade journal or pure advertisement.
  • The contact person stated in the form is responsible for accuracy of the entries and he/she will react on appropriate request.
  • We retain the right to remove the magazine from the database in any case.

To complete the form successfully, we advise you to:

  • Have the main picture ready – JPG in RGB color space is the best. Its longest side should equal to 400 pixels, or slightly more. Uploading pictures over 1000 pixel is useless – we will scale it down anyway. On the other hand, pictures smaller than 400 pixels simply won’t look good.
  • Have other pictures ready as well. Rules are the same as with the main picture. The more eye-catching pictures you‘ll show, the bigger the chance somebody will fall in love with your work.
  • The ideal number of pictures is 6. Give us 6 pictures, and it’s us who are going to fall in love with you.
  • As for the questionnaire, do your homework and find out all the information to put in the fields marked with * – these have to be filled in. After all, you are here to get the world to know you better.
  • Think of as many relevant key words as possible – it simplifies searching, which means you shouldn’t feel alone ever again.


If you have any questions or if you want to change the record after you have posted it, please do not hesitate to write to info@bigmag.cz