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Praha, Česká republika

This record is not filled by the magazine’s editor.
After 1989, Prognosis was the first English language periodical in Central Europe. The ambitions of young Californians ran high (investments allegedly came from Oliver Stone and Barbara Streisand) and the results often matched the ambition. On newsprint they combined a serious fortnightly (initially a monthly, the last year a weekly) with a cultural overview and the editorial staff had on board the cream of English speaking Prague. The magazine succeeded in printing high-quality investigative journalism, cheeky columns, and attentively observed everything from “privatisation to prostitution”. When Allen Ginsberg visited Prague in 1993 he gave them his new poem to publish. A lack of concept and the willingness of the idealistic team to go against anybody including the American Embassy had a negative impact on the financial balance and Prognosis, after four years of fighting, symbolically succumbed to its own more conservative spin-off, The Prague Post. “Yuppie sellouts!“ they are believed to shout at them.

Years: 1990 – 1995

Number of issues: 48

Publisher: Erica Breth

Editors-in-chief: John Allison

Editors: Matt Welch, Ben Sullivan, Hana Lešenarová, Louis Charnonneau, Katte Sullivan, Randall Lyman

Art director / design: Clare Manias, Simon Gray, Barney W. Greinke

Photos: Vladimír Chaloupka, Frank Roeth

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