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Rock 88


Rock 88

Jihlava, Česká republika

This record is not filled by the magazine’s editor.

“Marble is not one of the hardest rocks and neither the Pelhřimov band of the same name chose the crushing juggernaut streamline from the wide current of rock styles, aiming rather at a fast-paced melodic expression from the heavy metal mould …” A (maga)zine of only a few pages with an irresistibly crystal-clear poetry in the visuals and text started the rock revolution a year before the Velvet one.

Years: 1988 – 1992

Number of issues: 22

Publisher: Sdružení přátel rockové hudby Rock' 88 Jihlava

Editors-in-chief: Milan Trčka, Karel Ďásek

Editors: Petr Karlíček, Karel Klaška, Jan Petričko, Jiří Nováček, Vlasta Novák

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